I am a set designer and art director working in a variety of different 3D disciplines for the past 25 years. I studied Theatre Design at Central/St Martins where I got my degree, with a year off in the middle to study Fine Art.

As a child I loved drawing and painting, but when it got really exciting was taking 2D into a 3D piece of artwork and playing with space and form was what inspired me. Both my parents were actors and I was lucky enough to go to the theatre as a child and I was hooked by the magic of it all and I knew that’s what I wanted to do.

After I graduated I worked my passage designing for Fringe theatre productions, scenic painting, mural painting , but from 1995 onwards, after having worked on pop promos, short films and commercials, I started to design and art direct live events, just as the industry was starting to come alive and it was this that really caught my imagination.

It was in 1998 thatI saw it taken off when I was invited to design a touring set for Robbie Williams. This was a small club tour and I stayed with him for the next 5 years working up to stadium shows. Since then the work has been incredibly varied and interesting with other music shows, fashion shows, theatre, film premieres, product launches, pop ups and private events.

I love what I do!